Silence is the tool of the accused.


Alanis isn’t the only one brave enough to share her pain with the world. So am I.

I refuse to be silent even though the consequence, which I pay, brands me as the blasphemous Antichrist who torments their pure and perfect saint.

Silence is the tool of the abuser. Our voice is often the only recourse of the victim. So, I’m the blasphemous Antichrist tormenting the pure and perfect saint? I guess that’s my weight to carry.

I hope Alanis doesn’t mind if I borrow her lyric and so that evil thing that I do: Speak.

How long before you screw it up?
How many times to I have to tell you to shut up?
With everything I do for you
The least you can do is keep quiet.

Be a good girl.
You’ve gotta be better.
That simply wasn’t acceptable.
Who are you to act like that?

I’ll live through you.
You’ll make up for what I never was.
If you’re successful then so am I.

I’ll do this … I’ll do that …
I’m doing it for our own damn good.
You’ve got food and a roof, isn’t that enough?
What’s the problem now?
Why are you screaming?

Thank you, Alanis, for giving this victim a voice.

Word in in for Stir of Souls. The word is “Amazing.”

Here’s the review:  –>


What has always interested me about Horror’s subgenre, Hauntings, is the focus of spinning a morality tale. Certainly, an author works to enhance the creep factor, done by Horror’s inversion of normalcy, but within the spectrum of haunted fiction there is always a sense that a message is trying to get through. (Apropos to “haunting” itself?) An author of that sub-genre is challenged with two fundamental questions: What do I want to say? What message is so critical for a soul to split the veil between worlds to tell it?

The questions above—both asked and answered—are what makes for powerful, extraordinary fiction. (Will anyone ever forget, “That’s a big Twinkie”?)   There are some things that we, humanity, will always wonder about. Those are the archetypal topics often found in “haunted” fiction.

For me, I used Stir of Souls to discuss two critical messages.   One, an ongoing sickening act found in the human flesh trade, the stealing of intersexed and pre-surgery transsexual teenagers for the darkest of tastes; and two, the loss of a relationship.

It’s no secret that the Michelle Robbins books are arguments against the loathsome criminality of childhood abuse. I believe that only Ides of March and Rockin’ the ‘Nog don’t contain these elements. Everything else I’ve produced for Amber Quill (Allure as well as Heat) touches on the lifelong consequences of childhood abuse. As such, it’s no surprise that Stir of Souls reaches into this often-painful area as well.

There, I discussed Kleinfelter’s.

Kleinfelter’s is a genetic complexity of the male/female chromosomes. Basically, a boy baby is born with two XX chromosomes. Thus, he is (in layman’s terms) half boy and half girl (ie: XXY). For some this is the Holy Grail of perversions. Criminals steal these teens and market them to the highest bidder. The villains have also have been known to hormonally induce lactation in order to fulfill this perversion’s highest fantasy.

When I read about this, I screamed in horror and had nightmares for months. As a survivor of the Triple Crown of childhood abuses, my mind cringed from the reality. In many ways, and with respect to different perversions, poor Sven’s story could have been mine.

This phenomenon is horrible, horrifying, and sickening. It must be brought to light and expunged. As such, it was a perfect topic for Horror/Hauntings.

Atop of that, I was in the midst of severing the relationship I’d written about inside In Training. Nothing negative or anything, my Seth and I simply faced divergent life paths. I wish him nothing but the best, as I’m sure he wishes the same for me.

Both he and I are metaphysically based and our views on life are somewhat skewered for a different reality.   The life questions of “why” are often viewed through a different lens than many. In our understanding, we know people in “this” life just as we knew them in the past life…and the future one. People will always find familiar souls; with those souls the challenges of “this incarnation” are faced, experienced, and resolved.

So, it came to pass that both he and I realized that what we’d needed to learn from each other had been learned. Consequently, it was time to move on to the next life lesson but make no mistake, it’s hard. I will miss him and will always search for him. Such is the connection I believe that exists between us.

For Stir of Souls, I delivered that metaphysical lesson via the ghost’s visitations to our hero, Luis. For me, was there anything more important to say to the living than how much you love them? I can’t think of a thing beyond that. Readers will find that message in the chapter’s headings as well as narrated via what transpired between Luis and Seven.

I cried my way through Stir of Souls but by the end of the story I felt a sense of peace, a sense of healing. I had the strength to move on with my life without regret. It is my hope Stir of Souls reaches out to you, dear readers, and touches your hearts as well.

The answers for many life’s questions and challenges is simple. LOVE.


It started with MARKED.  College student and tattoo artist, Diego, is in the right place and the right time to save Bo’s life.  Pursued by a serial killer that preyed on Portland’s rent boys, Bo is on the run for his life.  Diego and his brother, Luis, a vice cop, put an end the violence and terror. 

Bo finds a new lease on life…and love.

5 STARS! “…Wow…just Wow! This is such a fabulous book!…These 2 men have both been through rough situations and the book describes some of them, so be aware this is not a fairy tale. You can feel the raw emotions of them as this author makes them jump up off the page and into your heart. I wish the book had been twice as long as I could have wallowed in their story for much longer…This book is raw, romantic, gritty, sensuous, horrifying, lovely. Read it…you won’t be sorry.” — Elisa, Elisa’s Bookaholic Reviews


In author’s first exploration into Amber Pax collection, Haunting, Michelle Robbins touches upon the lessons of life as told to us from beyond the grave.

A gorgeous abduction victim is consigned to horrors aboard a modern day slaver’s transport.  Wrapped in unspeakable torments of body and soul, Sven struggles to keep alive the small children who shared his prison, at the cost of his own life.                  

On the other side of the Atlantic is a cop who’s trying to get to the victims before the worst happens.  Luis’ efforts fall short and he finds Sven among the dead.  Agonized, tormented, Luis struggles to find meaning in these horrific events and why he’d been called so strongly to someone he’d never met.

Never met in this lifetime, true, but they’d known and loved in past lives and would do so again, if Sven’s ghost had any say in the matter.

Love sometimes transcends time and life.


Come with Luis as he learns the lesson of eternal love’s power.

Two reviews that I missed


MRS CONDIT’S OPINION: Michelle Robbins’ debut novella IN TRAINING is a jump-in-the-deep-end kind of BDSM story. Abby is new to BDSM but her friend Liz encourages her to attend a munch to get to know some of the people as just regular people. It doesn’t turn out to be as innocent a gathering as Liz led her to believe but Abby is really interested in the D/s lifestyle and a Master/slave relationship in particular. She wants to be able to just let go and have a man dominate her not only in the bedroom but in her life.
Seth is a former slave trainer who has no interest in taking on a new slave but when he meets sweet, gentle Abby he knows he can make a difference to her. His style of training is to simply ignore behavior he does not accept from a slave at first, and progress to discipline once trust has been established.
Ms Robbins has done a good job with her first book. The plot flows smoothly and the characters are well developed and stay in-character throughout the book. They are allowed to grow and change within the parameters of the plot. I enjoyed IN TRAINING and recommend it to anyone interested in BDSM stories.


and the sequel IN CONTROL










PATTYCAKE’S OPINION: In Control by Michelle Robbins is a story of pain, lies, betrayal, broken trust,and ultimately the healing of broken hearts and lives. The blurb does a great job of laying out the basic facts of the story, but to really appreciate the fine details, you need to check it out for yourself.

This character driven story has a smoothly flowing plot that takes you from beginning to end. The characters are definitely three dimensional, and the pain each one goes through really pulls at your heart. There is a little bit of a backstory, but not really enough to fill in the gaps. I must admit that i don’t like how the story just skims along the surface without any real detail on why the characters feel the way they do. The sex is hot and steamy without being smutty.

The author’s writing style is clean and simple, and displays a intimate knowledge of the owner/slave relationship. The story does have a HEA ending, but I wish there had been a little more depth to it. If you’re looking for a hot,sexy read with just a touch of angst, then you should give this book a try.


BUTTERBALL reviews are in. :)

4 stars

4 stars

a couple there at 5 stars!!

3.5 (I’m thrilled because a chubby fat guy isn’t the norm for a romantic lead)



What have I been up to?

Always pushing boundaries, that’s me.  I sent a proposal to a publishing house and they didn’t say “It’s genius!  We’ll take it!”  They did say, “We’d love to see it when it’s done.  Nothing about that is safe.  It’s truly big.”  Yeah, I always could spin huge stories.  Just ask my mom.  (cough)

For laughs and giggles, here’s the proposal cover sheet.  Enjoy!


Global warming became more than a theory in the latter half of Earth’s 21st century.  I became a problem.  Clean water vanished.  Greenhouse gasses overtook the once beautiful blue planet and echoed the toxic clouds of Venus.  Humanity wobbled on the brink of extinction.  The stars became their only hope.  Potable Water existed on the satellites of the gas giants out on outer reaches of the solar system.  How to get there?  How to mine the ice?  How to manage the shipping lines to bring the life-saving element back to Earth?  Cyborg technology. 

The problem with the cyborg technology they’d need in deep space was its need for a viable human brain.  Unfortunately, not many people signed up to be harvested for experimentation and development of this technology.  Indeed, who would desire to be permanently separated from their body, shoved into a steel shell, and shipped to outer space to live—so to speak—as a drone on an assembly line? 

No mental patients were wanted because a sound mind was needed.  No criminal element because an unflinching adherence to The Company was a requirement.  Trans* people, however, were a good bet.  As stated by politicians of that time, “They’re not comfortable in their own skin, so what’s the problem?”

The millennial shift of the year 3000 brought this experiment to fruition.  Trans* people were hunted down, put into the process, and shipped into space.  “For the salvation of our word,” said the politicians.  The billions of people still on Earth rejoiced at the arrival of the clean water.  They gave thanks to the trans* people for their sacrifice, albeit few of these people had volunteered for the job.  The religious sect preened, now labeling trans* people holy…as long as they leapt onto the pyre for the betterment of their species. 

Trans* people went into hiding.

Facing a marked reduction of “volunteers” as well as the ongoing struggle to stay alive on a rapidly-decaying Earth, scientists developed a brilliant plan:  cyborg reproduction.  In space, they could refill their ranks at need.  Software designers went into work.  The patch was uploaded into the system.  In 3050 the successful versions of the upgrade cyborg were lifted into space.  People upon Earth breathed a big sigh of relief.  All was better now.  They had clean water, a reliable extraterrestrial, a self-replicating workforce, and the discovery of certain minerals on the satellites that allowed for the healing of Earth herself was a bonus!  All that was needed now was time.

The year 3075 brought the cyborg rebellion.


 Most interesting, to me (as the nerd I am), it’s a love story.  Really!

I hope it finds a home.  :D